Run-Walk-Ride 2014: Spend another perfect day with Habitat

It’s back! The Run-Walk-Ride funraiser is back for 2014, and we’re hoping you all can come out and pound some pavement for a great cause.

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For pictures of last years event, just click over to last year’s gallery.

Bet you don’t Luv Your Stud as much as we do!


Do you Luv Your Stud? Because if you don’t, we will!

Sure, you SAY you luv them, but are you willing to prove it? Are you willing to embed your names together forever inside a house? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Hope so, because we’re selling wonderful, amazing, stupendous Stud-filled (and Stud-lover) shirts along with an exclusive opportunity to write your message on a wooden 2×4 stud to be used in our next home.

“All this for only $20 – how can that be?” I hear at least 1 person asking, to which I reply “Just drop by The Moose Cookhouse, lay down your cash and ask (nay, Demand!) they bring you a Stud forthwith; and when they show up with some lumber instead of what you were hoping for, shrug, sign it and feel good knowing you’re helping another community family build a better life.”

“But what if all I want is a shirt with a vaguely salacious pun on it?” I hear at least 1 other person asking, to which I reply “No problem. Go to the Moose, order a shirt, and it’ll be ready for pick-up within 1 week back at the Moose.”

“But what if I don’t want a t-shirt at all? I just want to help out Habitat.” I hear the last (I swear) person asking, to which I first reply “I promise to stop watching the all-infomercial channel,” and secondly “Drop by the Moose, donate what you can, and put your name and message on one of the communal studs.” [tee hee  - communal stud!<g>]

Let’s show every Stud we know how much he/she/it is loved, and show our partner Family how much we care about their future success.
Buy a Stud and Shirt, help out a great cause.